Saturday, January 21, 2006

Benny Hinn in Fiji

Thousands of people gathered at Suva’s Post Fiji Stadium to witness the successful start of a three-day crusade for world renowned evangelist Benny Hinn. I have my sister inlaw and two other relations that came from labasa to attend the crusade.

Last night the group left my flat at 2pm and arrived at 11pm. Today I just dropped them at the Stadium which was three quarters full at around 2pm. I was told that the service doesnt start until 6pm. So I am guessing they have to wait for four hours.



Anonymous watcher in oz said...

I do not wish to criticize relatives who choose to attend the huge rallies of visiting evangelists such as Benny Hinn, because in Fiji the people do love the lotu, massed choirs, large gatherings. However I do not respect Benny Hinn because he is suspected of false 'miracle' healing and making huge amounts of money. And who needs all that security!
Secondly there are many excellent preachers within Fiji who know the cultural milieu in which the spiritual aspects of life can grow. Simplistic American religious jargon comes a poor second to locally grown speakers. In today's Fiji Sun, Jillian Hicks wrote a story about a Labasa woman who is now an Anglican priest and heads the Anglican seminary in Suva. Way to go girl. Intelligence, a modern world view and a passion for justice. Go girl!

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Blogger Attila Vass said...

check this out:

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