Thursday, January 26, 2006

School Started and other Ramblings

As my wife is in New Zealand I was worried about ust me looking after the kids and ended up having the gang from Benny Hinn staying until this morning as they had problems with the boat to Vanua Levu. My sister in law Sala was with us the last few days and My two nieces arrived from Labasa last night. So all in all a full house.

Kids started at Marist Primary on Tuesday. I think they have been stir crazy so were looking forward to school. But today they were asking when do they get their holiday.

Bale's son eparama started High school so is in Form three at Suva Grammar. Education has a new policy that forces all high schools to accept kids first choices. Grammar has a good rep now because it has a good rugby team so now instead of having two form three classes there are seven form three classes this year. It is an insane policy as there are 39 students in Epa's class and over 300 for form three. I can see they will have to change it next year but it means Epa is going to have to compete with over 300 students every year.

Interesting sticker I saw when driving to work today. As on the back of an FEA truck is stated if you dont like the way this vehicle is driving then please call these numbers. The Sticker should especially be on LTA and Telecom Vehicles.

Sticker policy shows the signs of Joe Mar who I think is one of the valuable Fijians working for Fiji.

Having Unwired is dangerous for me as first I work on my notebook all day theny go home and surf on the internet all night. Poor kids not getting much quality time with me.


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