Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bale is back from New Zealand

Bale has come back from New Zealand so we are all whole again. So many things were left undone when bale was away.

I have a niece staying with me who will be registering for catering next week at FIT. I will try and get my FNPF to pay the fees and see if I find some connections at FAB for a scholarship

I have been to both my kids class meetings. It reminds me important having the right teacher is in the progress of a child and his future interaction with school.

Jordan is going to trial for Mini Rugby, he has to compete with more then 90 boys while eparama has to compete with over 250 boys to make the Suva Grammar team. Not sure of their chance because they are both slow.

For me its expected that they will end up playing major athletics as the kids uncle were regulars in Fiji Rugby and Fiji Athletics. So the expectation is the kids will end up playing for Fiji. But first step is to get picked from the trials which will be hard especially as jordan has trouble catching the rugby ball.

Today was the first time the kids became competitive on their results from school. We were very competitive growing up but never for marks at school. Their is problem though by being extremely competitive is that they wont compete in things that they know you wont win. So I keep on saying the notion that the most important thing is to try their best.


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Being competitive can be good or bad because somebody is going to come last or near the bottom. I don't think this is the way for early childhood education - by giving too much emphasis to marks. Develop self-esteem and a variety of skills is more important than coming first or near the top.
About sports - that's okay for both team games and individual events. I was at the MCG today watching athletics so I'll post something about that on our blog after I have a cuppa tea!

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