Friday, March 10, 2006

UB40 in Fiji

Watched UB40 last night with Jordan, Andrew and Wendy. Andrew took Eparama's ticket as Epa wasnt allowed to go because the family because of the christian storm against UB40.

Besides being the best concert I saw in Fiji it was one of the Best I have seen ever. Orgranisation was poor though as it took around half an hour to get in and we had to wait around one and half hours to start.

In today Fiji times it said there were around 7000 people which I would find hard to believe. The seats and floor where three quarters full in the FMF dome.

Interesting that the expensive seats in the UB40 were the cheap seats in Laughing Samoan concert. Andrew was to young for the concert but it was so cool to be at it with Jordan.

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